Why Most drugs don’t work for YOU

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I travelled to Abuja last month to give
a paper at a conference
when I got to Abuja I was very tired.

I was feeling headache and it
was terrible .

When I got to my hotel room .
I just landed myself on the bed
and I slept off.


I woke up 2 hours later ,only to discover
that the headache was still very active
on me.
I could not move but dragged myself
to the intercom phone and requested
for a room attendant.

Kon kon kon that was a knock
from the door. Funny enough I did
not lock the door.

I responded ” open the door”

Here comes a beautiful damsel
but I was seeing her in “double double”.

I requested ” Dear open my bag, look
for Panadol and give it to me”

She humbly did as I asked.

While still on the bed, I collected
the drug without looking and took
it in.

After 30 mins,I discovered I was better,
I decided to standup and prepare my
powerpoint presentation for the conference.

I discovered that the drug the damsel gave
me was not panadol but ulcertret-20 (my ulcer

I immediately called her and asked her why
she gave me ulcertret-20 instead of the

She replied “I only heard you said
give me that drug, you did not mention

That kept me thinking
why did ulcertret-20 worked
as a headache relieving drug ?

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To be frank with you, it was
because of my belief.

I believed that this drug
will work for me and it
worked even if it was a
headache relieving drug .

Why you might not be getting
result on the drug you are
taking might be that you
are doubting it.

Why you have not taken
any action to buy any of
our drug is because you
believe it will not work.

You believe this is
another scammer.

Let me tell you this now,
throw away that doubt
and get out of that problem
that can destroy you.

Take an action of believe
and you will see a turn
round in your sexual life.

Your wife will respect
you more.

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