My husband once called me a shapeless entity, annoying and unattractive woman :(

"My Husband Laughed At Me When I Started Taking This Simple Magic Japanese Weight Loss Solution But After Two Weeks He Had To Beg Me To Give Him The Same Solution For His Pot Belly !"

I want to share with you the same SECRET that helped me to burned off the fats and fleshes that almost ruined my life and my marriage"

I want you to read my real life story
because I would not even want my enemy to
make the silly mistakes I made
that made me
Almost Lose My Husband To Nkechi My House Help And
also Suffered From
Hypertension ,Diabetes And Infertility.

I want to you to make sure nobody or anything is disturbing you.
Your  TV, radio  and any device that will distract you should be off your sight.
Because this article will save you embarrassment,
save you money, make you have a better family and  
also help reduce the rate of divorce in the world.

My story is a very funny but very educative.

My name is chika.

I used to live in ketu with my parent in a one room apart.

I really wanted to break off poverty but I never knew it will be this fast.

The good news-- God decided to blessed me with a very wealthy husband

Emeka my husband is into importation and real estate business .

See me that wasn’t even able to eat 3 square meals in my father’s house in Ketu ,now live in a duplex in Lekki close to Lekki Leisure Lake. I now have house helps, driver and everything I need at my beck and call.

It was my husband fault because he spoiled me with money and I took advantage of it.

I was very sweet like the lady in the picture below

But After six months of wanting to enjoy myself, I became incredibly fat, unattractive, ugly and irritating.

I would’ve shown you my picture but my husband said I should not because he does not want my face to show but he's perfectly in support of me putting down this website to share what worked for me.

So, I apologize for the pics not here.

But what matters here is the SOLUTION, which I am sure is the reason you are here.

Let's go straight to it ==> THE SOLUTION

What you are about to read is the bad yesterday and my sweet testimonies of today.

I'll make it short and straight to the point for I know truly that this is a solution someone somewhere has been craving for.

It all started in 2010

I got married to Emeka when I was 30.It was a miracle because I have visited several prayer houses for a life partner . I was praying for a man because I was tired of being in my father’s one room in ketu.

Behold God did not just blessed me with any how man but with a well to do business man with a lot of money to play with.

To be frank with you we only dated for 3 months and the next thing was wedding.

We spent 2 weeks in Dubai for honey moon and before we came back he has rented a new duplex in Lekki.

Immediately we landed in Nigeria, the driver was there to pick us to the new house.
And I asked My hubby “Where is this ?”

He replied “surprise! Surprise!! surprise…. this is our new house, it is all yours forever”

Inside my mind I said to myself “God punish poverty”

He said to me from now forward you are to rest and enjoy yourself for six months.

Afterward I will give you one part of the company business to manage.

After some months something happened !

I began to experience rapid increment in my body weight.

In fact, I was gaining weight everyday and it was becoming worrisome.

My body expanded so fast that I had to change my wardrobe every 2 months and that was gulping a whole lot of money but I did not care.

After six months I was as fat as pig

It was at this point that I began to look around for solutions, paying heed to every advice that seemed helpful.

First, I started by cutting down my food intake which was immediately followed by intensive daily exercise.

O yea... all the weight loss gurus almost killed my ears with that.

But none seemed to be yielding any expected result.

The harder I tried to shed weight, the fatter I became.

I become so heavy that I constantly have joints pain

Any time I walked, apart from the fact that breadth fast, I have always experience pains all over my joints.

I was so heavy that I fell down and dislocate my arm

I was in my house one faithful day, the house help was not available. I needed to come down to the kitchen to get a fruit juice .

As I was coming down from the step, I was so heavy that I fell down and dislocate my arm.
It was painful..

I said to myself so I cannot carry myself again because of my enjoyment ?

I swore that I can never live to see any woman shed "same tears" as a result of fat and weight.

I started looking for solution, my church member recommended me to a woman who gave me a concoctions that I did not know what was inside but because I trusted Nike (My church member) I took it and It was worst .

I even went to my family doctor, He recommended a pill for me I took it for 4 months. There was no result.

I decided to start exercise everyday, but any day I do exercise I have serious pains all over my body.

It tried it for 2 weeks, I had to stop

I tried different methods ,they didn’t work for me.

My husband called me shapeless entity

I noticed that my husband started getting tired of my fat.

Most time when he comes back home.

When hug him ,he only hug me for some seconds .

That night I decided to make him very happy.

I prepared his favorite food and I took my bath.

I wore my night gown.

After dinner, he came to the bed room.

When I saw him, I cat walked to his direction

To my surprise he said “STOP I am tired”.

I said no to him jokily, “you can’t be”
Angrily he said to me… “look at yourself”

You are a shapeless entity, annoying and unattractive .

He continued “This is NOT the wife I married”

I cried all through that night….

My husband with my house help

I decided to visit my parents. They have moved from ketu to Ikorodu , a house my husband built for them.

I stayed with them for 3 days.

I was supposed to returned to lekki on Saturday but I decided to surprise my husband by returning back on Friday night.
I was surprised to get back home by 6:21 pm and I saw my husband car at home.

My husband always visits Four point Sheraton hotel every Friday for full Gospel business men meeting.

When I saw the car, I was surprised . I checked in the garden, he was not there.

I checked in the sitting room ,maybe he was watching match because he is a crazy Liverpool fan.

I went to our bed room. I was amaze to see Nkechi my house help with my husband naked.

The only thing that I could say was “Excuse me …….”

Even though I sacked the house help after that event

The did has been done.

I wanted to leave my matrimonial home

Because it was not holy anymore…I called Emeka that same night to know the reason, so we can solve it.

This was what he told me in his word

“I don’t enjoy you any more, you are so fat, not flexible on bed. I do all the whole movement. You cannot move yourself on bed. Any time I have sex with you my penis floats inside you without frictions because your vagina has enlarged unnecessary.”

That was when it was dawn on me that I really need burn this fat very fast

So my excess fat cause me to have hypertension, diabetes and infertility ?

I woke up one faithful Sunday 2nd October 2011 .That day was our 1 year marriage anniversary. I was disturbed in my heart. My husband was not in town. I decided to use that day to analyze my life.

I said to myself, after one year I had no child.

Immediately I said to myself I must see my doctor today..

I noticed I usually have High blood pressure. I always have severe headaches, Severe anxiety, Shortness of breath and some time Nose bleeding.

I left home about 9:45am to the hospital to see my doctor for full check up.
After the checkup this was his advice to me in his words

“Chika, Excess fat can affect fertility by causing hormonal imbalances and problems with ovulation, particularly for obese women having their first baby. Excess Fat is associated with poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common cause of infertility

He also told me that the diabetes I had was also caused my excess fat. I was surprised because that was the first time I heard that excess fat can cause diabetes.

I asked him “How does Excess fat cause diabetes?”

He said “It is a well known fact that if you are overweight or obese, you are at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, particularly if you have excess weight around your tummy (abdomen).”

His last sentence was “Chika work on your fat so you can get a child fast”

I came back home crying

I was in my house crying and saying all kind of words with my mouth when my phone rang.

It was an unknown number

I did not pick. I decided to silent the phone .

After I have cried myself out.

I checked the phone I had 9 missed calls.

Then the phone rang again, I picked.

Hello my name is Shade, your university roommate.

Wow!!! I shouted girl where you dey ?

She replied, ”Tell me where you dey now make I come block you now now”

I sent her my house address.

After 3 hours. She arrived, that was about 2:36pm.

When she called that she was at the gate

I asked the gateman to bring her in.

when she saw me….

she shouted “ Jesu Oluwa oooooh” .

This can’t be you.From “I ” to “w”.

She used the about 5 minutes to playfully yapped me

….We both laughed.

It was about 6:33pm,she asked me a simple question.

Oh girl how u dey cope this fat ?

I told her all the concoctions and pills I have taken.

She smiled, stood and elegantly swung her shoulders, obviously confident of her posture.

Then she said all I will do is introduce you a rarely known herbal supplement approved by NAFDAC and other international regulatory bodies.

According to her, 14 days is all this "miracle fat Burner" need to burn everything
fat inside any human body - man, woman, aged, boy, girl etc

.. and return the body to the fatless state it was in those sweet 14 days.

There and then, she got me hooked up to a lady who's a distributor of this very "miracle fat burner"

She wowed me by first showing me official pictures of men and women

the " miracle fat burner" has changed their lives in her phone

The next morning, I visited the distributing lady in her office.


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"Miracle Fat Burner"

Magilim is a weight management program that helps you shed weight in areas like your tummy, thighs, arms and all over. It works within 14days and would not need to continue if you aren't so big. One would lose between 5-10kg with one pack in 14 days. .

Magilim is made up of strictly natural ingredients.

Has No negative side effects and detoxifies you as well.

So, to cut the long story short...

I got the complete pack of the product.

Initially, I took their promise of
having an unprecedented result in 14 days as one of those jokes.

But Whaaaat?

I got just that in less than 9 days.

My testimony came in the 8th day.Nobody believed it.

When my husband came back he was surprise .

It took him 2 week and 2 days to come low and ask me what's up.

I never explained to him.

I simply bought him a pack, and in less than the official 14 days, his pot belly

It has happened for me...and to him.

We became the talk of everybody around.

My friends, my hubby's circle... everybody They wanted to know what did the magic.

The request was just too much, hence I got an idea.

The idea was a way to get this product cheaper directly from the source... so that
the hundreds of people asking for it could as well get it cheaper.

That idea yielded the desired result.

Hence, this site was born... through which I've been able to share my story, motivate
as many people as possible... and at the end help them get the same solution cheaper than
I got it.

Here we have... over 83 persons transformed already and still counting.

Not a single failure recorded.

Officially, they call it Magilim, but I call it the "miracle fat burner"

It is 100% NAFDAC approved with Nafdac registration number A7-0465L

Personally I am a doubting Thomas

To be frank with you all the pictures my friend shared with me I did not
still believe her because I know her as a marketer and she has sweet mouth.
I used the whole night to think about it.
I asked myself some vital questions

Chika What will you loss if you try ?
The only answer I got was “money”

I asked myself again how much money will you loss ?
I asked again
If you loss this money will you die ?

Instantly I remembered how much I lost in stocks and "wonder banks".
Immediately I regained my senses.

I said it loud to myself
I will give it a try.

Behold … I did and I am happy I did it.
Imagine I did not take action that faithful day because of my past ,
I would have personally missed the opportunity and
over 97 women and 54 men who have regain their shape with
this mysecret would have still be their bad mode.

Any action you take will not only affect you but affect other people.

I will advice you to do what I need “take action”


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Marketing Company's office Address: DBI Marketing, 1 Kola Ogunjale Street,Iyana Ipaja Roundabout,Iyana Ipaja,Lagos NOTE: I’m living proof that you can absolutely create a better life evenif you as fat as pig
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