The Truth about Your Penis Size

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The new study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine said that one-third of women that frequently have vaginal orgasms say that they are most likely to climax when they are having sex with a man who has a larger penis.

The people doing the research asked 300+ women how frequently they had sex, how often they had vaginal or/and clitoral orgasms and if they believed penis size had anything to do with it. 160 women had vaginal orgasms and enough partners to tell that yes they believed they would need a longer than average penis to do this.

Average these day sis about 6 inches or the size of a U.S. dollar bill. Don’t worry too much though if you aren’t bigger than the bill because 60 percent of the women said that the size didn’t matter.

A recent magazine (Mens’ Health) study surveyed over 3,000 women and only 7 percent of the sexually satisfied women said penis size made any difference. So like I said size does matter to some women for some types of orgasm but it really isn’t a deal breaker for most women.

I do have good news for those of you that may not measure up. Most women are equally thrilled to have a partner who is passionate, who know how to do foreplay and to do a variety of things.

Let’s talk about how to make passion, foreplay and variety work in your favor.


1. She wants your passion

Massage is a great idea when you want to keep her coming back. Despite what you think your penis is not what has your lady coming back for more. She wants your passion. Passion doesn’t mean you are going to rip her clothes off as soon as you walk through the bedroom door. Women need to feel appreciated and oftentimes nonsexual touching is more of a turn on than going straight for her butt or breast.

Give this is a shot: Before you start going in for a homerun you should try to start small. Why not run your fingers through her hair, gently rub her face with the back of your hand and even give her a gentle scalp massage. Then you can work your way down her neck and to her shoulders but remembering to stop to massage and kiss her on the back of her head or on her ear. If this feels strange these new sensations will definitely wake her body up.


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2. Ice Is Hot

It is time to show your partner that you are ready to take some time with them. Get a little cup of ice to sit near the side of the bed. When you a licking her nipples put the ice into your mouth for a minute to make her nipple be even more erect. In a little bit longer take it out and warm it up again. This can be very hot and can turn her on.


3. Make Positions Work for You

Missionary style is not the best style for you if you need to get down deep inside her. You should try something like the cow girl or the flat iron. These positions will allow men with average or small penises to get maximum penetration.


How to do the cowgirl:

Lie on your back and let your partner climb on top of you and straddle you. Help her balance while she is on top by extending your hands toward her. This lets her take charge of the situation a little bit and go at her own and depth. You can also alternate from shallow to deeper thrusts for better sensation.


How to do the flat iron:

Have your partner lie face down on the bed with her knees slightly bent and hips raised just a little bit. You can put a pillow under her lower abs for additional comfort. You can then enter her from behind but make sure you keep your weight off of her by propping up on your arms. This is a great position to get a snug fit and you will feel larger in her vagina. You will stimulate different areas of her vagina as well so that is another plus when you are doing the flat iron.



These simple techniques can help any guy feel like a major stud in the bedroom and your partner is going to love it too. Taking time to learn to rock her world is totally worth the effort. These few simple tips can really cause drastic changes in the bedroom so make sure that you don’t forget them.


Source: MensAnswer Magazine

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