Staphylococcus Solution

Staphylococcal infections can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to produce a consistent or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient to have a sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is also referred to as sexual impotence.

Sexual impotence is a serious health problem that has broken many marriages today. Studies have revealed that apart from the need for couples to be rooted in God, sex is the next best tonic for a strong relationship! Studies have shown that over 25% of men in our society today are either partially or totally impotent. Impotency is usually caused by two major factors: (i) the presence of serious ailments like diabetes and (ii) STD (sexually transmitted diseases).


1) Staphylococcus attacks the urinary tract causing irritation in the tracts and painful urination.


2) Staph epidemis attacks the skin leading to boil and skin irritation causing itching.

3) Staph aureus breaks down the immune system attacking the lungs thereby leading to cough condition and difficult breathing

4) Staphylococcus attacks the joint and muscular pains and also causes general body weakness with loss of energy. 

5) Staphylococcus leads tooligosperme and azospermia, a condition of scarcity or no sperm at all thereby leading to male infertility

6) Staphylococcus attacks the hormonal change in women thereby leading to scanty menses or no menses at all, a situation called amenorrhea, which causes female infertility.

Have you been using medication for the treatment of Dead sperm or low sperm count and drugs fail?

And you keep wondering why you were not being able to impregnate your wife?

You might a sexual problem you are not aware of it


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