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"My First and Second Wives Left Me
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I will NEVER wish what happened to me happens to YOU because I almost committed suicide.I want you to read my real life story because I would not even want my enemy to  make the silly mistakes I made that made me loss my first wife after we had married for 5 years and my second wife after 7 years Of marriage.

Any time I share this story I see people cry and say I wish I heard this before I married, I wish I read this when I just got married, I wish I know this …I wish I know that… but thank God YOU are reading this at the right time.

I remembered my first wife call me water melon because I can’t even last for 20 seconds .I remember a certain night when I finished having sex with my wife, she looked at me from head to toe and ask me “what is the meaning of this ?.

Look my friend, I’ve been there and it hurts, but I’m telling you there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been to hell and back and YES, there is hope.

I’m living proof that you can absolutely create a better life evenif you have one inch penis and you do not last up to 20 seconds like me

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