I will NOT want you to experience this at all!

"My First and Second Wives Left Me
I DO NOT last more than 20 Seconds.
BUT NOW I Found a Solution That Helped Me and I Want To Share it With YOU !"

My name once again is Benjamin Asuya .

I want to you make sure to nobody is disturbing you.
Your  TV, radio  and any device that will distract you
should be off your sight.

Because this article will save you embarrassment,
save you money, make you have a better family and  
also help reduce the rate of divorce in world.

I got married at the age of 27 in the year 1990 to a beautiful lady from Akwa ibom State.
She was very respectful, humble and she was my dream kind of lady.

She was 23 when we married and she was a virgin.

I made a promised to myself that I will not sleep with
any lady before I marry and  I will marry at my birthday.

I wedded January 21st  1990  which  happened to be a Sunday.

After one year God blessed us with a twins .Wow ! It was celebration galore.
I had money with me then because I was selling shoes and suits at Onitsha.

After two years, my wife started showing me her real color.

When ever I want to touch her she will look at me and tell me please I need to rest.

One faithful day

I went to my shop but  I forgot my receipt  at home
I decided to go back home.
When  I got to the house, the door was locked.

I thought she went out.
I brought my key to open the door I discover it was lock from the inside.
Gba gba gba…! I hit the door. There was no response.
I called her name romantically… there was no response.

After about 10 mins. She came out and told me she was sleeping.
I did not answer her,I just went in and carry what I came to get.

She told me to my face “I will disgrace you too”.

On the  February 14th 1993, I wanted to play valentine.
I told her we will be going out that day.

It was a Sunday .

So after church  service we went out to
have fun in one of the best hotel in town.

But something scandalous happened that day.
As we were at the hotel,

I wanted to have sex with my wife.
As I off my cloth, my penis that was hard and strong became dull.

I ask her  to romance me so that my penis can stand up.
She tried all her best but my ”boy boy” did not standup.
She looked at me  and said that I brought her here to disgrace her .

She told me to my face “I will disgrace you too”.

I did not understand what she meant that day.

She then  proceed and said she had to get home now
That  our children should be hungry now.
We did not go with our children because my mum was at home.

I went home that day crying inside me.

I saw  my close friend  Obinna with my wife on my marital bed

It was not up to 2 months I started hearing
rumor but I did not believe any of them.

I decided to pretend that I will be travelling
for 3 days to Kaduna for business.

I went to my friend house to stay and I decided
to come that same day by 9pm.

So my surprise, I saw  my close friend  Obinna
with my wife on my marital bed.

I felt like killing someone.
That same night I ask her to leave my house
And still today I have not seen her again.
That was our fifth year in marriage

5 years of  investment gone just like that….

But did that solve my problem ?

I did not recover from the surprise.

That incidence leads me to start smoking and drinking
and started womanizing .
I will spent my money on prostitutes.

Some night I bring like  5  of them home
And I enjoy myself.

I did not know I was destroying myself.

But thank God for Pastor Mike Abraham who was my
Neighbor .He was able to preach to  me and I gradually
stop that attitude.

My brother, It was a bad incident.

I fell in Love all over again.

After about 3 years I married another pretty lady  .
She was  a great lady, strong  Christian ,a prayer warrior and speak in tongues .

I saw this lady at Pastor Mike Abraham church.
I fell in Love all over again.

I was so stupid because I ignored my present problem.
I did not solve my problem before the thought of getting another wife  came to my mind.

And the worst happen again…
To worsen the case she was very fat .

The first day we had sex together, I knew I was
In very big problem.

My penis was swimming and literally lost inside of her.
I did not even know whether I was having sex or not
She was just staring at me  and I stared back shamefully.

It was a funny drama.

She did not say any thing.

She pretended  and did not say any thing for  7 years.

She gave me 3 children.

That made me to have 5 children in total.

I received the biggest shocked of my life.

On a fateful day,I received a letter from her  Dad
That he needed to see me.
When I  travelled over to Enugu.

On getting to their compound
I received the biggest shocked of my life.
The kinsmen gathered and we appeared.

That was when she stood up and told the kinsmen that she called
for the meeting because she wanted a divorce .
One of the kings men asked for her reason.

For the first time, My wife called me by name in full .
Let me quote her the exact way  she said it.

“This man you are seeing here is NOT a man,
He cannot satisfy me,I have never in my life
felt like a woman.

He has turned me to a baby factory
And he has succeeded.”

For the first time in my life ,water mixed  with salt doped
from my already watery eyeballs.

I almost commit suicide

That incident  made me almost commit
suicide that same day when I got home.

Thank  God for Pastor Mike who came in and saved my life.

I thought  my life had ended.
I vowed not to have anything  to do with this a lady again

If it were possible I would have volunteered   to be a reverend   father

I decided to join Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries for their weekly service.
I started praying and fasting like never before.
I also attended so many churches in Lagos, Enugu and even travelled as far as  Israel
seeking for solution.

What was my problem ?

I do not last up to 20 seconds and
my penis was very small like that of  my 3 year old son.

When you have problem you do not think straight

A friend decided to buy a book for me then.
I can’t remember the name of the book
But one quote I got from that book changed my life
For good!

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.
Duke Ellington
This simple sentence made me to that thinking positively.

I began doing research immediately. 

Since 1999 I have been busy doing research on
what I can do to make me last longer and also increase the size of my  penis.

Note at this point I was wifeless .
I decided to get married again in 2010 to
another great lady.

I started by taking the herb but the herb  did not work for me.
I went for all the test available and bought all the drugs that were
described to me but still no solution.

I discovered the secret drug that changed  my sex  life for good

In 2012 however , I discovered the secret drug that changed  my sex  life for good.
I was able to correct my premature ejaculation problem.
Now I can stay up and running for MORE than 30 minutes.

In 2013 January, I also discovered  another secret drug that
that increased my penis size in 3 months without any side effect.

I feel your pain my friend…

Look, I’ve been there and it hurts,

But  I’m telling you there is light at the end of the tunnel.

 I have been to hell and back and YES, there is hope.

 I’m Living proof that
You  can absolutely create a better life
for you and your family

You don’t have to walk this journey alone…
let me be your guide through the jungle
*because when we get there together,
I cannot put into words the view from the top of the mountain.

There is light… there is hope… you  can do this…

“Honestly, the choice before you is yours,
and yours alone.

You hold all the power right now,
and where we go from here is up to you.”

I know you might have tried  a lot of  things
Which might not have worked for you
And because of that you have concluded that
All are fake BUT there are real people like you and me out there…
 People you can trust.”

How amazing is it going to feel when you finally can satisfy your wife every time
… that sense of achievement, the pride & joy of building something from the ground up.
You will no longer be a part  men are receive a surprise shock like I received.

“If you feel a bit overwhelmed,  thinking any of this drug will have a side effect,
I want you to sit up straight, take a deep breath, and relax…
*There is no side effect and it is approved by

Let  me tell you why am doing this.
It will cost me nothing  not to tell you any thing about  this solution.

If you I do not tell you, you will not beat me, you will not bless or even curse me.
But whenever I remember what I passed  through I will not want anybody
to pass through this same challenge.

I am NOT after your money, I have money . My business is doing great.
But I decided to setup this site to help married men out of this problem.
I am  here to help you.

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