My Wife Makes Me Go To Bed At 8.30 Every Night

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My problem may seem trivial or humorous,
but it’s causing me great distress.
My wife has effectively imposed
an 8.30pm bedtime on me.

She recently got a new job which
means she has to get up at 5am every day.

She wants to get eight hours’ sleep,
so she has to be in bed by 9pm.

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She also requires half an hour in
the bathroom to get ready,
and hates to be disturbed once she is in bed,
which means I have to retire before her.

She literally hands me my night wear
at 8.15pm
I have tried suggesting that I come to bed
quietly at 10pm, but she’s insistent we follow
her rules.

My problem is Most time I come back late
because of lagos holdup and we don’t
have sex except on Satuday night.

How can I resolve this?
I need your advice

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