My problem started after a prostitute sucked my Penis at Ojuelegba

In Advice me

I was coming back from Yaba and it was June last year.

It was raining I did not see keke or bus.

So immediately the rain reduce abit,I decided to trek.

As I was getting to Empire in Ojuelegba,I heard
music playing and looked left and saw a suya joint.

I said to myself,make I chop suya na.
As I went there I was surprise to see that,
that street was full with ashawo.

I gather mind say make I just feed my eye.

From the beginning of the street to the end,na Ashawo full there.
This place I am making reference to is close to USA transport,It is called empire in Ojuelegba.

As I was feeding my eyes,I enter one bar there.
Na so some of them came

Ashawo:Oga,make I go do you well
Me: No worry

Ashawo: If I no do you well no pay,na only 3k
Me: No worry

She came closer and her body and breast torch me,I felt like if na electric shock
Ashawo: Come Make I show u something

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Me: You this lady,ok wait,Can u suck my joystick and I no want to fuck
Ashawo: Let’s go there

she hold my hand and we move.
Me: Inside my mind,i was saying,which excuse make I give her to disappear

When we got into her small room.
She lock the door and start to remove my trouser.
My dick was already stand without any respect.
She look under her bed and brought out pure water.
I ask her what is that for.

Ashawo: To wash your thing na
Me: No ooooo,Make I go buy water come,I don’t trust all this water.

Ashawo: No fear,you no trust me.
Me: I will go and buy it

Ashawo: Story story,You done enter here,no going back,
you will pay me.
Me:I never do anything na

Ashawo: Na lie.
Me: After arguing for sometime,I gave her 1k
and told her make I quickly go buy bottle water
That was how I came out and I ran without my looking back again.

I said to myself,I will never tempt myself again.
But the sad news is I sometime see myself having sex with this lady in
my dream.

She is too beautiful to be ashawo.
Anytime I dream about her,when i wakeup,I go done release .

Anytime I have sex with my girl friend,I see this ashawo face
It is up to one year now.

My girl keep complaining that I don’t have stamina again
and I don’t last long

Can this be related to this Ashawo ?
Am confuse, Advice me

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