My funny, Awkward and most Educated story that will save you from Divorce

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I got married at the age of 27 in the year 1990 to a
beautiful lady from Akwa ibom State.

She was very respectful, humble and she was my
dream kind of lady.

She was 23 when we married and she was a virgin.

I made a promise to myself that I will not sleep
any lady before I marry and I will marry at my birthday.

I wedded January 21st 1990 which happened to be a Sunday.
After the wedding We had to stay in a hotel and Monday 22nd We
were on our way back to Onitsha where I was living then.

After one year God blessed us with a set of twins .Wow ! It was a celebration galore.
I had money with me then because I was selling shoes and suits at Onitsha.

After two years, My Wife started showing me her real color.

Whenever I tried  touching her she will look at me and
tell me please I need to rest.

One fateful day I went to my shop but I forgot my receipt book
at home I decided to go back home.

When I got to the house, The door was locked. I thought
she went out.I brought my key to open the door I discover
it was lock from the inside.

Gba gba gba…!
I hit on the door.
There was no response.

I called her name romantically…
there was no response.

After about 10 mins. She came out and told me she was sleeping.
I did not answer her,I just went in and took what I came to get.

On the February 14th 1993, I wanted to play valentine. I told her
We will be going out that day. It was a Sunday .

So After church service we went out to have fun
in one of the best hotel in town.

But something scandalous happened that day.

As we were at the hotel,I wanted to have sex with my wife.
As I undress myself, My penis that was hard and strong became dull.

I ask her to romance me so that my penis can stand up.
She tried all her best but my ”boy boy” did not standup.
She looked at me and said that I brought her here to
disgrace her .

She told me to my face “I will disgrace you too”.

I did not understand what she meant that day.

She then proceeded and told me  she had to get home now
her children were hungry at that time.
We did not go with our children because
my mum was at home.

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I went home that day crying inside me.

It was not up to 2 months I started hearing
rumor but I did not believe any of them.

I told her  that I will be travelling
for 3 days to Kaduna for a business trip.

whereas i had a different plan.

I went to my friend’s house to stay and I decided
to come back home that same day by 9pm.

So to my greatest surprise,I saw one of my closest  friend Obinna
with my wife on my marital bed.

I felt like killing someone.

That same night I ask her to leave my house
And still today I have not seen her again.

That was our fifth year in marriage
5 years of investment gone just like that….

But did that solve my problem ?

I did not recover from the surprise.

That incident lead me into  smoking, drinking
and  womanizing .I will spent my hard earned money on prostitutes .

Some nights I bring 5 prostitutes home
And I enjoy myself.

I did not know I was destroying myself.

But thank God for Pastor Mike Abraham who was my
Neighbor .He was able to preach to me and I gradually
stopped that attitude.

My brother, It was a bad experience .

After about 3 years I married another girl again .
She was a great lady,Good Christian ,a prayer
warrior and speak in tongues.

I saw this lady at Pastor Mike Abraham church.
I fell in Love again.

I was so stupid because I ignored my problem I did not solve my
Problem before I think of getting another wife.

And the worth happen again…

I will continue this story tomorrow.

Check your email tomorrow for my mail
See you

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