How To Take Of Your Vagina

In Vagina

1.Use only warm water to wash the vulva. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel. (If the vulva is very irritated, you can try drying it with a blow dryer set on cool.)

2.The vagina cleanses itself naturally in the form of normal, vaginal discharge.

3.Avoid using douches unless prescribed by your physician. These products can upset the natural balance of organisms.

4.Wear only white, 100 percent cotton underwear.

5.Avoid wearing nylon, acetate, or other manmade fibers.

6.Avoid wearing thongs.Rinse underclothes carefully after washing. Or, double-rinse.Wash new underclothes before wearing.Use a mild soap for washing underclothes. Do not use detergents (especially Tide) or 7 fabric softeners (including dryer sheets.)

7.Use 7 layers sanitary pad (this is the best pad because of its functions contact us for it)to control menstrual bleeding.

8.(Do not use deodorant tampons.) Do not leave tampons in for a long period, due to toxic shock syndrome.  Do not leave tampons in all night.

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9.Take sitz baths daily, if prescribed by your health care provider.Don’t scratch.


Avoid wearing nylon pantyhose or panty girdles. They trap heat and moisture, providing an ideal breeding environment for organisms. When nylons or leggings are required, wear cotton or nylons with a cotton panty.


Avoid these feminine hygiene products, which can irritate the vulva: sanitary pads, feminine spray and deodorants, Vaseline, oils, greases, bubble baths, bath oils, talc, or powder.


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