How The foods You Eat Kill Your Sex Life

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Did you know that uncontrollable consumption of sugar can eventually kill your sex life?

Indeed, researchers have determined that high concentration of sugar in your bloodstream can switch off the gene that controls your sex hormones.

Excess glucose and fructose are stored as fat lipids after they are metabolized in the liver. The synthesis of these excess fats deactivates the SHBG genes (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which control your testosterone and estrogen levels.

The bioavailability of the sex hormones is greatly influenced by the levels of SHBG. The imbalance in these hormones may lead to deterioration of your sexual function.

This also increases the chances of acne, polycystic ovaries, uterine cancer, heart disease, and infertility.

vanilla-ice-creamResearch also found that sugar can negatively impact your lipid profile. Anything that disrupts your lipid profile can lead to impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Aside from this harmful impact, sugar also has a negative effect on your eating habits. It provides a sudden boost of endorphin production, stimulating you to eat more than you should.

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The extra calories will make you put on extra pounds which are directly associated with lower testosterone and increased risks of erectile dysfunction.

Most men are completely oblivious to the food that they are eating. Either they are aware of the sugar content and pretend to not know or they assume they know the content but because the numbers are not known to them, they continue to eat foods high in sugar content.

Here is a list of foods with high sugar content that might be quietly killing your sex life:

1. Original glazed doughnut – 10 grams

2. Vanilla ice cream – 17 grams

3. Sweetened yogurt – 27 grams

4. Vitamin water – 33 grams

5. Coca-Cola Classic – 39 grams

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