How Alcohol Affect Your Sexual Life

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Most men in Nigeria believes that When they drink alcohol it helps them
to perform well sexually.

If you are in this category you need to see beyong your nose.
It has negative effect than good.

I want you to read this article to the end.

Let me first start from the youth before the marriage men and women
In 2014, an Ipsos-MORI survey of young people,
carried out for the Family Planning Association, found that:

  •  Alcohol was a major factor in inducing men and women to have sex without a condom
  • 70 per cent of people who regretted having a sexual episode said that alcohol had been a factor
  • Almost one in 10 young people said that they’d got so drunk that they couldn’t even remember whether they had sex – or what sort of sex it was
  • 28 per cent of young adults said that they’d had sex with someone they wouldn’t normally fancy – and in most cases they blamed alcohol.

Listen,Alcohol do more harm than good

In men, alcohol can cause difficulties getting and maintaining an erection –
while women may experience reduced lubrication, find it harder to have an orgasm,
or have orgasms that are less intense.

Many people mistakenly believe that alcohol is a stimulant

However, over time too much alcohol can actually put a
dampener on your sex drive.
Drinking too much over an extended period
of time can turn a temporary condition like
‘brewer’s droop’ into full-blown impotence

Drinking alcohol can also affect your fertility
if you’re planning to have children.

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Women who drink can take longer to become pregnant
and can suffer from menstrual and fertility problems.

Men and women who have a higher dependence
on alcohol are more likely to multiply
their exposure to risk by going home with
too many partners

Alcohol makes people far more likely to have unwise sex with the wrong person
– and therefore to get pregnant, to catch infections,
and to embark on affairs that cause marriage break-ups.
Alcohol makes people fuddled, so that they don’t take
proper contraceptive precautions.

Alcohol is bad for the unborn baby,
and can cause severe brain damage.

Alcohol should be avoided around the time of conception.

Alcohol is a major cause of impotence (erectile dysfunction).

It increases the desire, but it takes away the performance.

A lot of men who are hooked on alcohol develop permanent ‘Brewer’s droop’ –
and often loss of interest in sex as well.

Diminished libido are also due to excessive alcohol consumption.

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