Common Things You Do Everyday That Seriously Affect Your Sexual Performance

Common Things You Do Everyday That Seriously Affect Your Sexual Performance


I was thinking about you while writing this ebook and I have decided to give you this ebook for FREE.The first ebook is for you and the second is for your wife. I believe both of you need to be informed rightly inorder to get the best of your married.


You will learn

  • How our modern way of life is clearly disastrous to the sexual performance

  • How the clothes we put on dangerously affect our sexual performance

  • How the common food you eat everyday reduce the quality of sperm and cause testicular diseases

  • How the use of cosmetics during pregnancy increases risks of hormonal disturbances child(advice your wife)

  • List of super foods which can help you jerk up your libido

  • An extract that can be used to prevent prostate cancer.

  • List of nutritional supplements you should always take as a man

  • How bad sitting position affect your bladder, prostate, colon and rectum and predispose them to several illnesses, such as cancer

  • How your phone affect you sexually

  • How exercise affect you sexually

  • Implication of excessive cycling

  • How stress , certain medicines and alcohol weaken the erection fast.

  • How smoking shrinks the arteries and veins, also in the genitals

  • How to increase the size of your penis without side effect

  • How to last longer on bed


  • This is a major and worsening epidemic round the world

  • As much as 40 per cent of 40-year-old men and 50 per cent of 50-year old men suffer from occasional or chronic erectile dysfunctions.


What You Will Learn

  • 10 Keys To Great Sex During Menopause

  • How Often Should You Have Sex

  • Is Self-Stimulation Healthy ?

  • Increase Your Pleasure In The Bedroom With Sex Toy

  • How To Break New Sexual Barriers

  • How To Keep Your Vaginal Tone Intact Using Kegel Exercises

  • Causes Of Female Infertility

  • Get Rid Of Uterine Fibroids Naturally Without Surgery/Operation

  • 10 Possible Signs  To Know If Your Unborn Child Is A Girl Or Boy

  • Menstruation And Menstrual Pains And What You Need To Know:

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