Ayurstate- Treatment For Enlarged Prostate

“A Solution For Treating An enlarged Prostate Has Been Found . . . And Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About It!”

Now you too can . . .

  • Shrink your enlarged prostate
  • End Pain permanently
  • Eliminate the need for surgery
  • Urinate very easily and normally again
  • Extend your sexual stamina
  • All in a few short months.

Dear Friend,

If you have been diagnosed of an enlarged prostate, and you want a sure remedy to regain use of your bladder and penis again.

Here’s Why: Finding a total cure to the problem of an enlarged prostate can be a confusing task. With hundreds of brands to choose from, it’s difficult to choose one that’s right for you.

After all, you have nothing to base your selection on,other than what is written on the websites by the manufacturers and marketers. Which, more often than not, are grossly exaggerated claims.

The biggest mistake a person can make when buying a remedy for shrinking an enlarged prostate, is to look at its benefits without considering the safety aspect of the product.

Some Prostate Cure Nightmares…

Well, we have a few customers with prostate problems who, upon consuming some touted cures, not only developed body acne (due to presence of steroids in the herbs) but subsequently… became impotent!

Another customer, who was on a popular prostate formula for a month, managed to have it shrink a little only to have it come back to its size before he sought a cure! Not only that, he almost lost his erection!

So, how is our product, Ayurstate, any different from the others? What makes Ayurstate safer than other enlarged prostate remedies?

Well, for one,


Ayurstate’s proprietary formulation contains 50 natural phytonutrients that exert 250 synergistic activities on your body. Many of these phytonutrients are widely recognized for their contribution to Prostate and Overall Health: ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, beta-sitosterol, calcium, copper, ferulic acid, fiber, glutamic acid, iron, linoleic acid, magnesium, oleic acid, phosphorous, potassium, quercetin, riboflavin, rutin, saponins, tannin, and thiamin

Secondly, Ayurstate is…

An Established Brand In 15 Countries

Before Ayurstate was marketed online, it was already an established brand in countries like India, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand – with combined sales of more than 3,000,000 capsules.

So What? What’s The Big Deal?

The “big deal” is this. Selling in those countries through wholesalers is tough, unlike selling on the net where anyone can claim anything without having to show proof.

For wholesalers like us to obtain import license to sell Ayurstate in our own country, we have to provide regulatory officials (NAFDAC) here with details of the manufacturing process (e.g. manufacturing license and GMP certificate) and complete information about Ayurstate (e.g. Free sales certificate, Certificate of Analysis report, Health Ministry approval certificate, ingredients list, recommended dosage, etc.).

This tedious process, which takes about several months, ensures that Ayurstate is produced in a GMP-certified factory and that it is safe for consumption (the compulsory lab tests check for the presence of toxic heavy metals, various bacteria and certain hazardous chemicals).

As you can see, the requirements are very strict. That’s why on the average, only 1 out of every 30 applications for import license of herbal products is approved.

The point we’re trying to make is that, most of the supplements sold online will not be able to pass these stringent safety and quality control tests.

And since you will be taking the product orally, shouldn’t safety be your first and foremost concern?

Consuming these untested products can cost you more than just your money. It could literally cost you… your life.

Having dealt with the issue of product’s safety, now let me tell you just how effective Ayurstate is.

It’s Proclaimed ‘The Most Effective Enlarged Prostate’ Supplement!

Ayurstate rejuvenates your prostate by supplying critical extracts from botanicals used for thousands of years to treat prostate enlargement. Ayurstate starts working immediately to:

  • Reduce your Prostate Size
  • Strengthen your Urine Flow
  • Decrease PSA Levels
  • Alleviate Pain & Discomfort

Ayurstate accomplishes this by reestablishing healthy estrogen-testosterone balance, blocking DHT production, and reducing protein deposits in prostate ducts.

By taking one capsule in the mornings and one capsule in the evenings, the nutrients will continually work in your body to promote Prostate Health. Over a period of 4 to 6 months in conjunction with proper diet and lifestyle, you should experience improvement in Prostate related functions to include urination and ejaculation. Our health advisors will follow-up with you on a monthly basis to monitor your progress and address your health concerns.

Here Are Some Comments Made

By Test Participants:

I Have A Problem With My Prostate-bhp. While Browsing, I Stumbled On Your Product-Ayurstate And Ayurtox- Which, Through Your Help, I Was Able To Purchase From Your Accredited Distributor In Lagos. I Bought A Pack That Would Last Me For A Month. Within Ten Days Of My Using The Products I Was Able To Urinate Without The Use Of Cathetha Which I Was Wearing Prior To The Purchase Of The Products. These Products Are Fantastic. Now That I Can Testify To The Efficacy Of This Drug I Do Not Mind Buying All The Packs I Need To Enable Me Have Complete Relief From The Ailment. Thanks.

– Femi, Ibadan.


My Name is Docho, and I live in South Africa. I am here suffered for two years from prostatitis. I am using now Ayurstate, and I am very happy and I don’t need to wake three time per night. My…I don’t wake at all, thank you very much.

Docho (age 71) – Gauteng, South Africa


Dear Sir,

Hi Sir. How are you and your family? I have just got the result of PSA I did recently and it shows that there is great improvement- from >10 to now 3.8. Really most of the symptoms have vanished but pains at the lower bark and thighs are still there though not severe. Please let me know what to do next about that. Meanwhile I am still taking the remaining AYURSTATE and AYURTOX.


Alhaji D.Katsina, Nigeria


This product has been a life changer for me! It’s by pure luck and the internet that I found you. Thank you!

– Chris


I’ve almost finished the 5th months supply. I will only go for another PSA check 3rd week in October, but will keep you posted. But I do believe by the Grace of God, that I will be healed completely.

I also feel strongly that your products are also of great assistance in the healing process.

Thanks for your message and prayers.

Best Regards,



I am still using your product and I am making progress.

My PSA is down from 70 to 14.02. Thank GOD!

Have a blessed day!



Bottom line is, when it comes to safety and effectiveness, very few brands can match Ayurstate (regardless of their claims).

Now For Some Truly Great News…

Ayurstate is now available in the country through us, under license from the manufacturer : India Herbs, based in USA, India and Singapore.

Using Ayurstate, the effects of prostate shrinkage are lasting!

Nothing… no drugs or herbs of such nature… can beat Ayurstate when it comes to duration of effectiveness!

A Full 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’re not going to tell you that Ayurstate will work for you 100%. Even enlarged prostate treatment products like Super Beta Prostate, Uroxatral and Saw Palmetto don’t work for everyone, every time.

But the reports from our distributors around the world show an effective rate of 92%. And that is better than most other products out there.

Try a pack of Ayurstate, before you spend your money on another brand. Worse comes to worst, you feel nothing. But at least you don’t put your health at risk by trying something that has not been tested at the lab.

And if you are not satisfied with the results at the end of three months or there is no significant improvement in your condition, simply return any unfinished pack to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

Here’s How To Order Ayurstate Right Now

We will deliver the drug to you physically to any location of your choice

This drug is The Safest, Most Potently Effective Medicine Known To Man For Completely Curing Male Infertility,Dramatically Increasing Ejaculation Speed, Replenishing, Increasing

You would have to order at least 4 months supply of a product and try it for 120 days
NOTE: Go for test before you start taking the drug and after 4 months of taking the drug

How Much is this Product ?

One pack goes for 15000( for 30 days)

Two packs goes for N29000 ( for 60 days)

Three packs goes for 42500 (  for 90 days)

Four packs goes for N56000 ( for 120 days)


  • Also NOTE: You qualify for FREE delivering (any where you are in Nigeria)
  • If you are in Lagos,we can do payment on delivery to you.



STEP 1 – Pay into any of  the banks below


Account Name: DBI IMPACT

Account No. : 0015714889

Access Bank

Account Name: DBI IMPACT

Account No: 0028334620

NOTE: You can also make an Online Transfer from any Nigerian bank if you are operating an internet or Mobile banking account.


STEP 2 – Once the payment has been made, simply send the details of your payments to info@drexpert.info or sms 08152993665


Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says: PAYMENT For Sukraja
The details to be sent are:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Teller Number or depositor name You Used To Make Payments At the Bank.
  • And The Date You Made Your Payment
  • Your physical address

That is all you have to do.

Once we receive your payment email and confirm from the bank,we will get back to you immediately


P.S. Don’t forget, this is an absolutely no risk purchase. You’re covered by my rock solid guarantee.

Isn’t it about time that you put this behind you and start living the rest of your life? Once you’re rid of this horrible condition it will feel like you’ve stepped out from under a black cloud.

Now is the time for action – Order this product now and take control of your life – starting this very minute

Your Sex Expert


P:S . Solve this challenge now and be happy

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