21 Amazing Sex Positions You Might be ignoring (Part 2)

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The Spider Sex position

4.Standing up Sex Position

Standing up Sex positionThis is Hit her G-spot

How does it work?
She turn to face the wall, stand around two feet away and stick her bum out a little. You then enter her . Possibly bending your knees to make it easier for access.

The turn-ons:
she get to thrust backwards using the wall and it’s a whole lot easier than doing it standing up face-to-face

The turn-offs:
You’ve got to stand up… which in itself is possibly a turn-off, as it involves more effort than normal


5.The Scissors Sex Position

The Scissors Sex position

This is Great for Intimate sex

How does it work?
Easy to do, complicated to explain. So you lie facing each other and put her top leg over your hip. You grabs her bum and then she out her arm round your waist and push her bottom leg against your leg.

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The turn-ons
She will be rubbing her clitoral area on your groin and you get to kiss each other.

The turn-offs
A little boring and pedestrian for some.
You say: ‘It’s not visually exciting but physically it’s amazing’


6.The Spider Sex position

The Spider Sex position

This is Great for Long slow intercourse

How does it work?
Start with her sitting facing and astride him. The the woman lies back, followed by the man until each partner’s head in between the other’s legs. Then each partner can bring their knees up and hold onto the other’s legs. Now all you need to do is slow, wiggling movements to keep each other aroused for a long time.

The turn-ons
This is a very lazy, enjoyable position that can keep you happy for a long time

The turn-offs
There’s not a lot of action and movement, which could be boring for some

I will post the rest tomorow

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